2010 Finalists One Line Pitch

One Line Pitch: Redu is a social network aimed at education. The network environment allows students and educators to expand the classroom relationship.
One Line Pitch: Consultancy on Business Analytics
One Line Pitch: Nanoita has a new and patented technology to deposit nano-oxides in any kind of hard surface, being able to create a diversified product line, ranging from anti-bacteria coating to rain shields.
One Line Pitch: Wifli aims to provide wireless internet that is faster and more reliable to university students in Australia and New Zealand for free.
Sayyou U.S.
One Line Pitch: Herbicides were an necessary evil. Not anymore. Eletroherb is a cheaper health and environmentally friendly alternative.
Start Music
One Line Pitch: The SM is an opportunity for composers to promote their art, and musicians as partners to create arrangements of letters presented.
ARC Technology
One Line Pitch: ARC Tech is the company patenting a piece of paving equipment capable of combining the 3 pieces of equipment currently being used for resurfacing.
Terminal Logistica
One Line Pitch: This investement project is a consequence of a lack of logistics services and we enhanced this opportinity by making our clients partners.

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