2011 Participating Ventures

School: Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – India

Team Name: ONEGARIOUS, Wi-Kruti

One Line Pitch: World of Offers in the Air.

Business Summary: We plan to develop a Wi-Fi- based advertisement agency. The peers would be provided free high speed internet facility, and services would be similar to a radio station broadcasting it feed, receivable by any Wi-Fi enabled device. It provides us the opportunity to display video/text advertisements and receive feedback from peers. Profit from peers will also be generated with help of online advertisement agencies like Google Adsense, YPN, etc.


School: Harvard/Wharton – USA

Team Name: Brazil Baby Care E-Commerce

One Line Pitch: is Brazil’s one-stop-shop for baby products online, offering the deepest selection, the lowest prices online and free 24 hr delivery.

Business Summary: will provide the largest selection online of baby products in Brazil, with a major emphasis in customer service and fast/free delivery. Our company will supply all needed baby products that parents need including diapers, wipes, formula, car seats, infant toys and clothing with a low- price strategy.


School: University of Manitoba – Canada

Team Name: CAIR Technologies Inc.

One Line Pitch: CaIR Technologies Inc. is a diagnostic medical device company set to revolutionize cholesterol testing at the point of care using IR spectroscopy.

Business Summary: The heart of our business is cardiovascular disease risk management. Currently, there are 250 million cholesterol tests performed annually in the US. The CardioMeasuIR provides a complete lipid profile in less than 5 minutes from only a drop of blood. Our device promises to have a disruptive effect on the cholesterol diagnostic industry and is a viable alternative to the current gold standard of reagent chemicals.


School: IAE – Argentina

Team Name: Almacenes Plásticos

One Line Pitch: Our goal is to reach u$s100Mio in 10 years with a new innovative solution in the agribusiness in the grain storage business in Argentina.

Business Summary: Our business is based in the production and marketing of an innovative product for grain storage.


School: Insper – Brazil

Team Name: Junta Mais

One Line Pitch: JuntaMais is Web-based task-oriented advertising platform that leverages the concept of affiliate programs to help companies improve performance.

Business Summary: JuntaMais will establish partnerships with small and medium businesses. The agreements with these partners will result in tasks that will be presented to JuntaMais Web users after they perform a search for a wish. Tasks (ex: buy this offer, refer a friend, promote this brand) are jointly defined by JuntaMais and its partners to help them meet business goals. As users execute tasks, they gain points, which can be used to purchase their whishes.


School: FGV – Brazil

Team Name: Ippon

One Line Pitch: A hotel that has a low occupation tax may have a loss or cease to monetize your rooms. Ippon offers last minute sales ads to this kind of business.

Business Summary: Ippon thinks about the risk of a service company. It have only until the moment that the service will occurs to sell it and monetize your business. These business usually have a low marginal cost and a high fixed cost. So, Ippon offers a last-minute advertisement of the services. Ippon does that in order to increase the occupancy rate of the business, increasing profitability by reducing their risks and minimize losses.


School: UFMG/FGV – Brazil

Team Name: Janus

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnology applied to the petroleum industry.

Business Summary: Janus is a nanoengineering technology company that develops magnetic nanostructures products for various applications, mainly in the efficient separation of water and oil. These processes have applications in several industrial sectors such as oil, biodiesel, oils, wastewater treatment, among others.


School: UVA – Brazil

Team Name: Fumajet

One Line Pitch: MOTOFOG is an innovative system in the fight and prevention of urban area diseases (Malaria, Dengue), and pest control in agricultural areas.

Business Summary: FUMAJET is a company which aims to offer the society technological solutions by developing and commercializing innovative products and services. Incubated at the University Veiga de Almeida, the company currently holds 8 patent applications in Brazil. MOTOFOG, our main product, is a great utility equipment that facilitates the activities of vector control in urban areas (eg. malaria and dengue) and in agricultural areas.


School: Queens University – Canada

Team Name: Green LAB

One Line Pitch: A smartphone based software enabling users to effectively determine the most cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes.

Business Summary: Renologic puts the capabilities of traditional, professionally administered home energy audits in the hands of the average homeowner by utilizing to the fullest, features of modern smart phones. Our freeware software will effectively market energy efficient products and services to individuals. By targeting the low hanging fruit of energy efficiency, we believe this represents the best environmental impact per dollar of any strategy on the market.


School: Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE) – Brazil

Team Name: Big Fall

One Line Pitch: Big Fall will be a social utility that will connects entrepreneurs that have problems for a exchange of knowledge and recovery of these entrepreneurs.

Business Summary: The objective of our company is to help other entrepreneurs to come out of crisis.


School: University College London – England

Team Name: BarGain

One Line Pitch: BarGain helps retailers extend merchandising to their potential customers by taking advantage of social networks and mobile advertising.

Business Summary: BarGain enables inshop consumers to share a particular promotion from a store or a restaurant menu with their friends. The sharing experience involves using a mobile phone to scan the product’s QR barcode to generate promotional offers, which can then be posted on Facebook or sent via email to friends. Consequently, both the inshop customer and their friends can receive the discount, while retailers can increase footfall.


School: Uniandes – Colombia


One Line Pitch: The only one solution in LAmerica for reduce high motorcicle riders deaths and accidents Brasil 13000/year; 1,5 per hour – Colombia: 2250/Y; 6 per day.

Business Summary: Our business systematically addresses with a global approach, the problem of accident rate motorcyclists to develop, validate and commercialize high value added products to reduce the high rates current morbidity and mortality in traffic accidents, by development and ownership of advanced technologies for manufacturing and marketing safety devices according to the rules and international standards. We have the patent for airbag jackets.


School: UNIFACS – Brazil

Team Name: Vitae, Accessibility Solutions

One Line Pitch: The mission of Vitae is restore quality of life to the patient.

Business Summary: Vitae is a company which will focus on medical products, and the product who is launching Vitae on the market it’s the Motus, a kind of dynamic splint capable of correcting the gait of a disabled person, and gradually return to her movements lost by trauma or disease, using concepts of functional electro stimulation.


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